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Butterfly βάνες-Μεταλλικές φλάντζες




  • Body: GG-250 Cast Iron
  • Disc: Stainles Stell 304
  • Stem: Stainles Stell 420
  • Epoxy Powder Coating (Min 250microns)
  • Seat Options: EPDM
  • Easy gasket replacing
  • 2 O-rings on the stem for better stem sealing
  • Easy to install
  • Can be operated with Pneumatic or Electrical actuators


Butterfly Valves are general used within potable water and heating (cold and hot water) system. The valves are also suitable for food, chemical, petrochemical industry. The seats are not suitable for mediums having abrasive property (acidity or alkaline property).


– 200C  to + 1300C


General Properties:
Resistance to sunlight, weathering and ozone. Poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel. Good heat and compression set resistance


Suitable for:
Less than 10% acids, inorganic and organic alcohols, alkaline salts and solutions, dry bulk, hot-cold water, steam Not suitable for Hydrocarbons






Σύμφωνα με DIN 2576, DIN 2527, DIN 2566






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